IRC: #clanvortex


Ventrilo Server:
The ventrilo server we run is hosted with offically. Its is 100 slots and is free to be use by all IN THE COMMUNITY. Now by this I basiclly mean those that are in some way a part of Vortex community of some kind. Either you know people from Vortex, you play in Vortex server, or you were in some way a part of Vortex in the past. Be for warned, if you just happen to find our Ventrilo server by searching the net and you are not in some way a part of the Vortex community you will be kept a close eye on. If random people start showing up and filling up channels for them and their friends they will be removed from the server. Get to know people making your self at home.

Host name =
Port = 26318


No admins do not use default password and if you even ATTEMPT to connect to ventrilo with an admins username and default server pass you will be auto banned so I would not even try.


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