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So someone walked through my walls, took everything of value, and i wake up with my base intact. Can anything be done about this, or am i just SoL?
I would be far less mad about it if someone blew my walls apart and raided the shit out of me, and left me with nothing. I guess the guy was banned already but obviously i don't have my stuff back.

Anyway instead of trying to vent here, i am just curious if it can be reimbursed or not. I understand you guys don't use your powers to benefit anyone, just wasn't sure if being hacked was an exception.
If not, shit happens, just changes the way i'll play the game until hacking isn't quite as easy.

Tried to add havoc to steam to PM him about this, but is currently offline, wasnt sure if i should wait or post here. Anyway see you guys ingame, Brambasen
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Re: Hacked

As far as I know its not a hack but its a glitch in the game thats being exploited. If you catch the player doing it you can report it to us and will look into it.

For now there is a simple way to prevent that, just build spiked walls around your base which will prevent players from getting to your wall to be able to glitch thru. Now if it IS indeed a cheat and they are using an injector which gives them noclipper there is really nothing anyone can do till VAC picks it up and does their next wave of bans.

I am sure facepunch will come out with a fix for the exploit soon and if it is an injector they WILL be caught and banned at some point. Just got to hang tight and remember your in an early access alpha development stage. A lot of alpha games do not even have an anti cheat program so we are lucky to have VAC this early in development. As for glitches time will fix all and we just have to be patient.

I will do my best to keep the cheaters out of the server but there are always going to be those that slip thru the cracks and stay under the radar.

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