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Wiping/server popoulation

Hey Havoc,

Just wanted to talk about something.

Since I started playing on your server I have been present now for three wipes. I have spent hours grinding to build up my character and recipes only to be torn down. I personally take my mortal living very seriously, and each hour I spent on your server was another wasted hour of my short life. Are you planning on wiping again after this wipe any time soon? I do not think when the offical servers wipe you should, because you just wiped again. You're going to draw away so many people from playing at your server if you keep wiping! I understand it had to do with an admin dispute, but I want to see your server flourish with population.

So any concerns I have presented I would love for you to address :) Hope you're having a good 2014 (besides the server drama),
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Re: Wiping/server popoulation

Ok so a few things about the recent wipes to which I do apologize for. First one being the the first 2 wipes were server related wipes by the devs. If official servers wipe then we wipe to. The only reason the Devs wiped is cause they fixed all the hacks and dupes that were going on as well as adding the game changing things so I wipe was in order. I do not want to wipe the server and I know it sucks losing your stuff but you must also understand this game is still in alpha production so as new game changing patches come out if the Devs decide a wipe is in order then there is really nothing I can do about that.

As for the most recent wipe it was not a wipe as much as we broke away from Funky cause we did not like the way he was dealing with players in the server. He was paying the bills for the last server and I asked him to hand the server over to me so I could pay for it but he refused and started banning people on the server for simple things like raiding him. I do not want clanvortex associated with that kind of name so we felt it was best to move on to our own server where I pay the bills and do not have to answer to someone that has no idea what they are doing.

I can promise you I will NOT wipe the server UNLESS the Devs call for it (cause again not much I can do there if the Devs say a wipe is needed thats just the way it is).

I am sorry that you lost your hard earned work and I am really sorry that you had to deal with the crap with funky. We had been talking about wanting to break away from him for some time its just we didnt want to have to start a new server cause we knew people would not be happy about losing everything but I hope you would see that this is a change for the better and will benefit us in the long run.

There are no planned wipes in the future and I will ONLY wipe if the devs say to.

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