Post Wed Jan 22, 2014 2:04 pm

Rust server in waiting

Ok guys we gave it a good go on the server after we broke away from the other admins that were messing things up for us. We had a good content 12+ players all the time but in the end it was just not enough to grow where we wanted. At this time a lot of us are in a different server playing as a group (you are all welcome to join us where we go just ask me on steam or follow us in).

WE ARE NOT GIVING UP ON THE SERVER... the server will NOT go down I give you my word and I think we can still get it going its just now is not the time. What we are going to do is wait till the next patch/wipe from the devs and update the server ASAP. If we catch it at just the right time our server will be one of only out of a handful that would be up right after the patch which would bring us much needed traffic to the server. At that time the server could grow.

I will keep you guys all informed on the forums of whats going on should anything change but just be ready to join the server on the next patch/wipe when it happens :)