Post Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:05 pm

Rezcraft a minecraft texture pack, by Havoc

So I wanted to work on a texture pack that was different from other texture packs. Most packs just change a few things or slightly add some lighting here and there and release their texture pack as something new and different. When in fact MOST texture packs are all the same with a few mild changes here and there and those that do change completely just screw up the blocks all together by adding Mario's face to blocks and calling it a Mario texture pack.

I wanted to get away from the same old boring texture packs and make something that was not only different from other texture packs but went down to the core. With this texture pack I have change the look into that of a digital one. From binary looking effects filling the world with different sprites down to rain drops I have achieved just that.

I hope others that are tired of the same old texture packs like my enjoy this 1.8 compliant version of Rezcraft, a digital Tron based texture pack for minecraft.

Texture pic:

Sun rising on my Tron castle:

Download 64x64 Rezcraft