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Sikological/Duke Nuke

Your name in game: Sikological
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:15025778
Time and date of ban: 1/6/2014
Admin that banned you: Havoc
Why you think you may have been banned: Impersonating an admin's friend, falsely accusing Abraham of walking through walls.
Extra comments: I apologize for impersonating your friend's friend, that was uncalled for since it is your server. I realize since yesterday I deceived Havoc and falsely accused Abraham of walking through doors that my word can't easily be trusted. Today, I was only trying to help rid the server of that lying, aimbotting GT-Black~ guy. He also deceives the admins, every time we talk about what happened last night while the admins were offline he would change the subject. I assure you no one can double head shot anyone as quickly as he did my friend and I several times while he was griefing our base. So if it wouldn't be too much trouble, I would like to return to the server and will not deceive the admins again.

Your name in game: Duke Nuke
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:53175484
Time and date of ban: 1/6/2014
Admin that banned you: Havoc
Why you think you may have been banned: Being Sikological's friend.
Extra comments:
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Re: Sikological/Duke Nuke

Ok im going to give you guys one more chance here but you need to know that you are on a short leash in the server. If I see you guys trying to troll admins again into thinking people are cheating that will be the end. Reporting someone you think is cheating is fine, once we acknowledge that you say a person is cheating we will look into it.\

I have followed black around for some time invis and did not see anything that seemed like cheats. Granted he could be using ESP see me even though im invis and toggle them off but what am I suppose to do at that point just take your word for it and ban him off that. If I banned everyone off other peoples word we would have an empty server.

Tokesh is a long time friend of mine that has a 10 year steam account thousands of hours ins FPS and ZERO bans on record. No matter what game we played he was always great at his shots from day one. I trust tokesh and his judgment on other players. He is not an admin and black knows that when tokesh fights black he gets killed by him and he says he is really good but far from hacking. I will always keep an eye on things and players to make a judgment call on if they are hacking or not but right now I have no evidence to support your claims on him other then your word vs his and my friends who dont even like black but do not think he is cheating. If this is to hard for you guys to deal with then you might need to find a different server.

Also keep in mind I do not know black, he is just a player on the server so I have no reason to protect him.

Other then all that you guys are unbanned and will give you one more chance with the server.

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